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     At this time, there are two main registries for the miniature horse.  One being the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) and the other being the American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA).  Both of these registries strive for perfection.  The perfection would be to produce a horse that is small, sound, well-balanced, and possessing correct conformation characteristics.  These horses are not dwarves, runts, or "genetic errors".  They are produced by selectively breeding down in size, yet maintaining as near perfect conformation as possible.

     The versatility of the Miniature Horse is astounding.  It can be a backyard pet, a gorgeous show animal, a form of therapy for the handicapped, or a welcomed companion for the elderly.

     The miniature is one of the most interesting and unique horse breeds in existence today.  Although their actual history is much debated, the American Miniature Horse developed right along with the 20th Century.  By the mid 1950's, many farms were raising these diminutive animals for fun.  By the early 1970's, the American Miniature Horse Registry was established to serve the needs of this growing area of equine interest.  The miniature horse is a versatile, well-respected, and much loved equine breed.

Listed below are several links COMPLIMENTS OF LITTLE BEGINNINGS MINIATURES ( for a more in-depth study of the American Miniature Horse.


Miniature Horse Information Pages

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Some of this information on these pages have been collected for reference from L'il Beginnings Miniature Horse Forum. I just did not have the heart to simply delete these letters and information because this can be a wonderful learning tool for Miniature horse owners. Please remember to use this advice and information on these pages as a guideline, as it is only an opinion from other Miniature horse owners. In issues regarding health, always contact your veterinarian. Some of these pages have lots of information; please copy for reading later at your leisure! Additions you wish to submit to these information pages are always welcome.

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The Color Of Our Horses

  • Great sites on horse color (links)
  • Miniature Horse Color Code
  • Is he an Appaloosa?
  • Producing Buckskin color
  • Lethal Roan (different views)
  • Coat Color Abbreviations



  • Feeding beet pulp
  • Feeding foals
  • Feeding Manna Pro


General Health

  • Your horse's vital signs (link)
  • Dwarfism in Mini horses (link)
  • Horse Health Links (links)
  • Toxic plants for horses
  • Eating acorns & cedar berries
  • Danger - plastic bags
  • Mini having seizures
  • Patella Luxation (leg lock)
  • Strangles
  • Colic emergencies
  • Sneezing & runny nose


General Health II 

  • Your horse's bone structure (pic)
  • Dwarfism in Miniature Horses (link)
  • Hyperlipemia


Worming & Vaccination

  • Quest wormer warning
  • Worming program
  • Worming pregnant mares
  • Shots (reactions)


General Care

  • Coat condition - Shine
  • Cold weather & Minis
  • Trimming hooves
  • Making horse drink water


Breeding Horses

  • Development of foals (link)
  • Foaling Signs (link)
  • Article on Foaling (link)
  • Foal Stats (link)
  • Cyberfoal 2000 (link)
  • Prediction of foaling dates
  • Foal alert systems
  • Stallion not interested in breeding
  • Getting & keeping mares in foal
  • RedBag delivery (placenta previa)


Breeding Horses II

  • Breast Pump for Minis - homemade
  • Testing the RH factor in foals
  • Colt not eating grain
  • First time foaling concerns
  • Milk Test Strips



  •  Wood chewing
  • Preventing Nipping



  • Showing the Mini Horse (link)
  • Teaching to Hunt & Jump (link)
  • Training to show in halter
  • Clipping Tips



  • Important links
  • Driving the Miniature Horse
  • What kind of cart?
  • Difference of country & pleasure



  • Mini Poll Results (link)
  • Barn Plans (link)
  • Historical Mini Stallions (link)
  • Map Blast - on-line road atlas! (link)
  • Free Pedigree Chart Generator (link)
  • Miniature horse growth chart
  • Weighing Your Mini
  • Homemade Fly Traps
  • Homemade fly spray & wipe
  • Horse cookies & cake
  • AMHA/AMHR registry difference
  • Funny - top 12 proven cures


Tips & Tricks

  • A collection of Tips & Tricks from our visitors of the Miniature Horse Forum

We wish to thank many of the people that have shared their experiences & knowledge with others on L'il Beginnings Miniature Horse Forum and others that have allowed me to post their articles. Other articles on these pages that have been reproduced, credit is given when we know the author. Please forgive us if we did not give full credit for these wonderful articles when using them for news letters and so on.

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